Use of images and context for parts description


Develop a tutorial for aeronautics students and internees. .

Source:Parts of Airplan

The image above shows the parts of an airplane. The airplane shown is a turbine-powered airliner which has been chosen as a representative aircraft.

Step 1

Add the functions for each part.

Step 2

Add a private entry in the Phrase It Right toolkit.

As the requirement is to add the function of each part, the corresponding verb has been chosen as the headword. The context has been assigned as “Airplane function (part)”. The subdomain has been assigned as “Aeronautics”. Upload the above image for each private entry.

The screenshot below shows a filled Private Entry.

Note: The toolkit is highly customisable as the context and subdomain can be added as per requirement.

Step 3

You can filter all entries relating to this assignment by searching for the context “Airplane function”.