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  • letters (A–Z, a–z),
  • numbers (0–9), and
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to start a search.

The following characters are not permissible (as these are used in wildcard searches):

  • ?, *
  • [ ]

Non-English language characters

In addition to the above permissible characters, following non-English language characters are allowed:

Click on the respective non-English character (from the selected foreign language in the drop-down) to include it in the keyword.

Wildcard keywords

Wildcard search can be done using ?, *, -, [] to replace or represent one or more characters in keywords, in addition to the permissible characters.

Any single character ? s?t finds sat and set.
Any string of characters * s*d finds sad and scared.
One of the specified characters [ ] w[io]n finds win and won.
Any single character in this range [ - ] [r-t]ight finds right and sight.
Ranges must be in ascending order.