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Private entries


Shows the language type, headword, PoS (part of speech), context
User can add a new collocation term to the group
User can edit the entire entry, except the collocation terms
User can edit the individual collocation terms in the group
User can delete the individual collocation terms in the group
User can see the image associated with the group
User can request that we convert a particular group of private entries into public entries for all users.

Forbidden entries

A Premium User can specify particular private terms as forbidden. The user can hover over the red icon to see the preferred term. This is extremely useful when avoiding prohibited terms, overused terms, synonyms (in Simplified English), clichés, and so on.

Apt entries

Apt terms are shown in blue. The associated Apt Phrases can be checked by hovering the cursor on icon.

Apt Phrases can be used to find a suitable word(s) that can be a substitute for a longer phrase. This is useful when a word is on the tip of your tongue but all you can recall is its general meaning. You can search based on the general meaning (type the general word as the search word).