Translation done using a CAT tool such as SDL Trados

There are times when you are unsure of the right translation of a word. In French, faux amis (false friends) are common. For example, ‘sincérité de la declaration’ is translated as ‘sincerity of the declaration’. The English word ‘sincerity’ is not the appropriate translation for the French word ‘sincérité’, but ‘declaration’ is appropriate in the phrase.

Step 1

Select the word ‘declaration’ in SDL Trados and paste it into the Phrase It Right toolkit. The tool will display the associated terms/phrases in the result area.

Step 2

Click on the desired result to copy it.

Step 3

Select ‘sincerity of the declaration’ in SDL Trados and replace with the correct phrase by pasting (Ctrl+V) ‘accuracy of the declaration’. If desired, this term can be added to the glossary (MultiTerm