To add suitable context using a Private Entry

Before we write or upload anything for public consumption, we have to ensure that it’s appropriate for the target audience (unless our intention is to create mischief and journalistic mayhem). For this, we can add suitable contextual information regarding the target audience under the Context field while adding a Private Entry.


You have to describe the wall below in Israeli and in Palestinian media. Which term do you use?

The Israeli West Bank barrier or wall is a contested separation and security barrier that was unilaterally built by the Israeli government in the West Bank in the 2000s to isolate West Bank Palestinians from the bulk of that territory.

Politics is an integral part of Palestinian life which no one can avoid because of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. "Political collocations" in the media have to be mastered while describing situations in conflict zones. For instance, the Israeli media uses Separation Wall (or Security Fence) whereas the Palestinian media and anti-Israeli media use Apartheid Wall because they consider the wall to be unjust as it swallows vast areas of the Palestinian lands, villages and cities in the West Bank. It constitutes a formidable and dangerous barrier for Palestinians and hampers their movement. A writer needs to be alert while dealing with the minefields of political collocations. Same wall but two different attributions.