Using Tweets of The Hour

Every hour (working hours in IST) we tweet phrases that are relevant to current events, as well as other interesting phrases which may help in your topical writing. These phrases are added to the database on the next working day. Please like us on Facebook and retweet the phrases to your friends and colleagues so that a wider audience can find use in these innovative phrases. We also choose the ten best phrases from the past week and upload them on the following Monday under our Top Ten Phrases.

Uses for this feature are listed below.

To write a headline

Imagine you have to write a headline on 9 November 2016 saying that Donald Trump has been elected as the US President by a narrow margin.

You might recollect our Tweet of the Hour from 8 June 2016.
The headword this phrase is listed under has been highlighted in green.

To substitute a bland phrase with a creative phrase

You wish to use a creative phrase instead of lack of ideas. Type "ideas" as the headword, and you can select "a constipation of ideas". You may vaguely remember having read this tweet (actually on 10 June 2016) a few months back.

Similarly, to describe the entry of a loudmouth into a room.

To read an article on a topical issue

Creative turn of phrase

(a take on the common phrase “always jumping to conclusions”)

Humorous heading

Political and current affairs trivia

Inspirational thought for the day and eulogies

Creative use of animal motifs

A lot can be gleaned through use of an animal motif to explain some human foible or characteristic.

Current affairs

General knowledge

Remember Slumdog Millionaire? The contestant is able to win the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? contest based on tidbits he picked up from real-life incidents. Of course, the story is a fiction, but you might be able to write something interesting based on general knowledge picked up from Phrase of The Hour.