Importance of using Synonym Phrases

Use of an apt phrase befitting the context

Phrase It Right lists synonym phrases which are similar in meaning, but may not be identical. You can check the exact meaning using a suitable website and use the phrase that best fits the context.

Avoid recycling the same phrase in a large document

Subtle changes in meaning, lending variety and vividness to the writing, can be achieved by avoiding repetition of the same phrase in the document.

Changing register synonym phrases

Register relates to the amount of formality or informality that a language has.

Formal: make a mistake
Informal: mess up

Avoiding phrasal verbs in formal writing synonym phrases

As phrasal verbs are often informal, a synonym can be used, where appropriate.

Types of Synonyms


An expression or an idea that has become overused to such an extent that it has lost its original meaning or effect. It may even sound trite or be considered irritating, especially when at the time of first use it was considered meaningful or novel. These are often used for comic effect in fiction.
Example: pin drop silence.


A figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with something else of a different kind; it is used to make a description more emphatic or vivid by using the following connecting words: like, as, so,than and other such words.

Example: as tall as the Empire State Building


Collections of words in a certain set order whose meaning cannot be deciphered from the meaning of the individual words.

Example: not exactly rocket science

Binomial pair

A paired expression containing two words that are joined by a conjunction (usually and or or). The word order of a binomial pair is usually fixed.
Example: wear and tear