Basic Search

Headword Search

Synonym phrases can be searched based on the headword of the searched phrase.


A Headword is a catchword under which a set of related entries appear in the Phrase It Right (typically in descending order of noun, adjective, verb, and adverb). The headword is displayed in green in the results area.

Part of Speech

This is an abbreviation for the part of speech of the concerned headword and is put in bracket next to headword.

Part of SpeechAbbreviated Form
Phrasal VerbPHR VB

Types of Phrases

  • Head Phrase: It is a phrase which contains the headword. Multiple head phrases would be shown in following scenarios:
    • in the same set if they are synonyms
    • in different sets if they relate to different sets of synonyms.

  • Synonym Formal Phrase: Such phrases can be used in formal writing.

  • Synonym Informal Phrase: Such phrases can be used in informal writing (such as chats, personal messages, conversational dialogues, and social media)

Copy Phrase

Users can copy any phrase by clicking on the result screen. Copied phrase can then be pasted into any other applications, such as Microsoft Word, Notepad, and so on.