To create tables for different types of human feeling


You would like to classify the following under the categories high, medium and low:

  • Intensity of feeling (jealous as the headword)
  • A car chase scene (speed as the headword)


Create the following table in Microsoft Word or Excel.

* Jealous is an adjective and the intensity of feeling is identified by an adverb.
** Speed is a noun and the type of speed is identified by an adjective.

Search for the headword jealous in the toolkit and filter based on the formula ADV + jealous. Copy and paste the relevant collocations in the respective cell in the table.

Similarly, search for the headword speed in the toolkit and filter based on the formula ADJ + speed.
The screenshot below illustrates how this works..

The filled table is shown below.

You can use the following link (or a similar writing aid website) to create a car chase story.

Questions from the story can be answered using some of the collocations from the table above.

The following question from the web page has to be answered:

What kind of cars are they driving? How fast are they travelling and how long have they been on the run?

This table can be saved for future use. Over a period of time, you can create a customised database of classified lists