The toolkit can be used in several innovative ways to give you a rich repertoire of phrases. There are times when it’s hard to come up with suitable phrases off the top of our heads. The toolkit can be used to find the right choice of word combinations to express ideas much more convincingly. One defining feature of creative writing is the linking of collocations into larger sequences. A confident writer can risk the use of non-standard collocations and phrases to create dramatic effects. See the famous McDonald’s advert below.

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One writing device used to maintain the interest of the reader is to use an uncommon word or collocation. Unusual collocations may be an unlikely or rare combination of words. You can maintain a list of these collocations in the toolkit and quote them as required.


He smiles his disappointments and laughs his angers.
—E. E. Cummings

Also, verbs are a veritable fountainhead of unusual implications when juxtaposed with unexpected themes or items.


The cops squealed* with excitement.
—Neil A. Hamilton

*this verb imparts a pig-like quality to cops.